Using Free E-Books to Promote Your Business

Everyone loves a freebie, a fact that businesses have been using to their advantage since time immemorial. Companies give away everything from free samples of their products and services to a whole host of other corporate gifts to entice the business of potential clients or to encourage repeat business.

Of course, in order for any type of freebie to achieve its aim, it has to be valuable to the recipient, and one thing that most people have in common is that they value knowledge, which is why offering free e-books on a subject related to the product or service that your business sells can be so effective in terms of marketing.

Like well-written company blogs, e-books are a great way for a company to build its brand and to raise confidence and trust in its expertise, not to mention being superb tools for driving high volumes of traffic to its website and generating sales leads. As those who visit your site to download the free e-book are already specifically interested in what you have to offer, the leads that you generate are mostly of high quality.

If you are not a budding author or simply don’t have the time to write your own e-book, then the services of a freelance writer can be procured for very little money. All your business then needs to do is promote the e-book through e-book libraries and freeware sites and follow up on all those valuable leads.

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