See What Local Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Professional Practice Owners Who’ve Attended Our Monthly Local Chapter Meetings Have to Say..

I purchased a company 6 years ago and it was a major turn-around project. GKIC helped instruct and inspire me through a painful, scary, difficult process and today the business is millions in revenue and very profitable.
- Dale Gibbons
The Continuous Improvement Center
Louisville, KY
I enjoy the GKIC meetings mainly because of the great ideas and other marketing experiences of the other business people in the group. There are always one or two “AHA” moments that I walk away with at each meeting. Thanks GKIC!
-Nathan Soliday
Nates Marketing
Salem, IN
Very informative and stimulating! Great discussion groups and a wealth of great ideas.
Great networking amongst the members too!
-Doug Barnes
Pop-A-Lock of Louisville
Louisville, KY

Todd is a very shrewd marketer and business professional who thinks outside the box. I take away actionable steps to help my business every month. We don’t talk theory, we talk about concrete steps to grow our businesses.
-Allan Davis
Elite Home Inspection
Greenville, IN
I have picked up tips on various ways to augment my promotional efforts. I have learned methods to help me accomplish more in my work day thanks to Todd and Glazer-Kennedy.
-Steve Biagi
Biagi Company
Shelbyville, KY
Great ideas are only valuable in their execution. Attending GKIC local meetings help me focus on executing great ideas. I highly recommend GKIC Greater Louisville to any business owner.
-Chad Celi
2 Minute Mobile
Louisville, KY
Three reason why I love GKIC Greater Louisville:
1. The emphasis on my marketing message containing what is important to my customers.
2. Being able to prioritize the medium to pu my message out – like direct mailings.
3. To figure out how much a customer is worth to me in dollars and to make the commitment to spend the correct portion on marketing.
-Mike Murray
A+ Paper Shredding
Louisville, KY