GKIC SuperConference Highlights

Hi gang. Just got back from the 2012 Glazer-Kennedy Superconference in Dallas, Texas.  I’m not a big fan of their football team (Love the Bengals) but I had a great time in the big city.

Got to meet a Renegade Country Music star John Rich:

Todd and John Rich

Even though we stayed pretty focused on all the great speakers and marketing ideas, I did find time to take the GKIC Greater Louisville gang out for some authentic Tex Mex at the Iron Cactus. The only person missing was John Durham. We don’t know what happened to him!

Kevin Carter, Amy Letke, Me, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Dave Thomas

If you’ve never been to a seminar like this, you definitely need to go.  You get to meet a lot of like-minded people and discover a LOT of cool stuff.

OK, enough about what fun we had. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Here are the top 3 things I learned at the Superconference.  This info cost all of us quite a bit of cash so you are getting this from me today for FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

1) Get People Offline As Soon As Possible

Yes, email is cheap. But when’s the last time you got ticked off about all the emails landing in your Inbox?  And how many of you have a separate email address just for the “marketing” emails? I do.

The overriding theme throughout the SuperConference is to take people offline as soon as possible. That means collecting their name, addresses, and phone numbers (if possible) and sending them direct mail instead of relying on email.

Dan Kennedy gave several case studies on how some of his clients were able to get up to a 100:1 return on investment with direct mail.

This is mostly due to the tangible aspect of direct mail–as it’s a physical “thing” that comes in the mailbox. People love the act of opening something meant for them. Versus an email that easily gets buried as the day goes on.

Question: How many of your email Inboxes look like this?

That’s right; this is one of my Gmail accounts.   I get a lot of marketing emails and, as you can tell, I don’t read all of them.

Whereas I’ll only get 1-2 marketing pieces a day in the mail. And most of these are “one-off” mailings from local companies that are terrible examples of marketing.

As you all know, I’ve been an active direct mail fan in both my roofing business as well as with the Chapter. This was probably my biggest takeaway from the entire conference. I was good to reinforce what I already knew to be true.

Oh, and as an aside, Dan Kennedy consults with some of the largest Internet marketers on the planet.  And you know what? They all secretly rely on direct mail to build their businesses.

Of course, you won’t hear any of these guys advertise this–since they’ll lose the moniker “internet marketer” if word got out.

Do you think this guy calls himself a “sign marketer?”

2) Outspend Your Competitors On Leads

Dan Kennedy mentioned that one of the biggest fights he has with clients is they want to naturally find ways to get leads for their business as cheaply as possible.

They want to find out how they can get leads through the search engines because it’s “free”. And they’ll fight over whether or not to put the glossy cover on their 25-page lead generator report–or if a plain black and white cover will suffice.

He said that the more you spend on leads, the more profit you’ll extract from them. Generally speaking, of course.

For example, you can get prospects to enter their name and email address to download a free report they’ll save to their hard drive–and never read again.

Or you can get prospects to enter their name, email address, and phone number to receive a free physical report, CD, DVD or Shock and Awe package in the mail.  Sure you had to pay more money to print out and ship the report.  But now you’ll have the prospect’s mailing address–and a physical “thing” in their possession that serves as a constant reminder of you.

I know one marketer who spent a lot of time and money to get ranked high for a keyword in his niche.  He was able to crack the first page of Google before long and was able to get tons of traffic like crazy.

However, he found that most of these people finding him under that specific keyword were just  searching for free information.

Sure, he built a HUGE email list, but they were mostly freebie seekers who weren’t responding to his offers.

3) Follow Up Both Online AND Offline

You’ve probably heard the marketing axiom that your prospect has to be exposed to your marketing message 7 times before they’ll buy.  And all you have to do is load up 7 emails in your autoresponder and call it a day.

I already covered how email can be easily ignored earlier in this blog post.  Sure it’s easy and cheap, but you’re probably getting bombarded by emails as we speak.    And I’m sure you’ve sent an email to a friend or client–only to find out it got thrown into their SPAM folder.

That’s why hitting your prospects and clients online AND offline is critical. This could be through a simple monthly newsletter, postcard, or 2-page mailing.  Any Glazer-Kennedy customer can testify to the fact that they do an awesome job of following up through email AND direct mail.

You all should know my personal system by now…

  • Print newsletter
  • Weekly emails
  • Periodic “Interruption” Information via print or email.

I hope this was helpful to you. As always I came away with pages and pages of notes, my mind swimming with all the opportunities. The To Do list just got longer.

Next week…Why what happens in the hallway is almost more important that the conference itself.

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4 Responses to GKIC SuperConference Highlights

  1. Amy Letke says:

    I completely agree with your takeaways – there’s too much email going around! And Dan’s suggestion of getting out of the inbox and using direct mail is a strategy I’m going to work on – the results from the conference were astounding! Thanks for sharing your takeaways. My list is huge, and the conference gave me a lot of take aways to implement now!

  2. Todd says:

    On-line to off-line…that’s a 6 figure tip that is sure to pay off!

  3. Kevin, the Chief Icky Officer says:

    Excellent points! It was also surprising that over 70% of people read their direct mail every day. Thanks for supper, Todd! You da man.

  4. cleaning says:

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